94% oxygen is delivered for inhalation using a one-use cannula during massage. Oxygen-enriched blood is moved throughout the body by massage to speed recovery from overexertion and symptoms from increased elevation.

O2 inhalation during massage can help relieve symptoms from dehydration headaches, elevation sickness and hangovers.  

This procedure is effective for healthy individuals acclimating to higher elevations.


3 thoughts on “OXYGEN MASSAGE

  1. Michael is not only a great massage therapist, I mean great. He really cares about your health and what’s going on with your body. He can get you moving again. I don’t go to him to relax, I go to get a massage treatment. Almost like going to a Medical Dr. for your muscles and joints. He offers the oxygen massage that is awesome, especially in this high altitude we live and play in. Go see Michael.

  2. Hi Michaeld,
    Thanks, on a related note, re an answer ……
    “Muscles are not getting enough oxygen and are therefore switching to anaerobic respiration. This produces acid which collects and causes aches and pains.
    If this is the case, it ties in with poor circulation.”

    Do you know what the long term affect of poor circulation and lack of oxygen to the legs might be?

    I have emphysema and am noticing more and more re the aches and stiffness in the legs when I go for my walks and other activity to try and keep fit.

    The docs dont seem interested in these symptoms, but I would like to know what I can do to help myself and what I may be in for if I can’t correct it.

    Will Massage help? Alternate Hot / Cold shower on feet legs?

    The lymph glands on the inside of the knees are tender and I get leg and foot cramps at night for which I am finding Mag Phos Tissue salts useful.

    Any useful suggestions welcome.
    All the Best

    • Hello,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Not all Doctors are uninterested in your symptoms, however it is your job to do the following:
      Breath deeply, get the proper nutrition, hydration, sleep, exercise and stretch the muscles. Taking hot/cold showers, elevating the legs at night and massage, if neccessary, can be very benefitual. Massage helps restore function by enhancing circulation and has many other benefits. All of these things are important to getting and keeping, the body in motion.

      Circulation to muscles only happens when the muscles are used or induced mechanically, such as massage. At the end of exercise the byproducts of cellular respiration are left behind in the muscles until circulation is induced again. Poor circulation of blood and lymph can present as Chronic Fatigue symptoms, Lymphedema, stiffening of muscles and a loss of motion, especially to the legs and low back.

      When the muscles have what they need to function properly, exercise becomes easier with less discomfort afterwards. The Mag Phos tissue salts are helpful, tissue salts help the cells accept and release minerals as needed. The question to answer is: Does your diet provide the necessary minerals for proper muscle function?

      Magnesium (as magnesium glycinate chelate) is the most absorbable form, and is helpful at ending muscle cramps at night when taken before sleep.


      I hope this helps,

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